Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae of Jasna Nikolic





2010. London,Open Kimonocompetition, Art Below and The Hospital Club champagne

2010.Chichester, England, Third prize at St. Wilfrid Hospice Open Art Exhibition in association with Pallant House Gallery

2009.Chichester, England ,’Outside In’, Pallant House Gallery

2009. Zrenjanin, Serbia, First Prize at 8th Biennale of Watercolours.

2007. Kovin, Serbia,First Award for Monoprint

2005. Beijing, China, Honourable Mention in ’BIRD 2005’.
2003. Zrenjanin, SCG,”5th Biennale of watercolours for SCG”, winner of the 3th award.
1999. Zemun, SCG, “5th Biennale of Yugoslav watercolours”, winner of the ‘Golden Palette’.


Public collections:

GB, London Bridge Hospital, 27 Tooley Street,London, SE1 2PR

GB, Chichester, Pallant House Gallery

Serbia, Zrenjanin City Council House



One Person Exhibitions / Notable Projects

2012. London, Art @ Annoushka , Outside in Chelsea with Carlo Keshishian and Danielle Hodson

2011. Newcastle, England, ‘Gallery of Wonder@Great North Museum: Hancock

2010. Serbia, Belgrade, ‘Blok Gallery’’Belgrade, Paris, London’.

2009. Chichester, UK ’Eteniments’, Pallant House Gallery,

2008. November and December, France, Paris, residence at Cite des Art Internacionale,
2006.  Montenegro, Petrovac, Gallery “Marko K. Gregovic”, monoprints and art-books.

2004.  Paris, France,”La Péniche Opéra”, works on wooden panels

2004.  Belgrade, SCG, the Gallery of “Association of Serbian Applied and Fine Artists”, works on wood and terracotta.

2002. Thessalonica, Greece, “Chamber of Fine Art of Greece”, project “Eterniments”.

1999. Belgrade, SCG, Gallery of “Belgrade’s Cultural Centre”, works on wood and paper.

1998.  London, UK, “First Edition”, paintings, works on wood and paper.
1998.  London, UK,”Dragon Consulting Business”, works on wood and paper.
1997.  London, UK, “Gallery Focus”, works on wood and paper.
1997.  Belgrade, SCG,”Gallery 12 +”, works on wood and paper.
1996.  London, UK, “Enid Lawson Gallery”, works on paper.

1996.  London, UK,”Hereford Salon”, project”Work in progress, progress in Work”.
1996.  London, UK,”Art House”, oils on canvases, works on wood and paper.
1995.  Belgrade, SCG, Gallery of “Union of Association of Fine Artists of SCG”, the M.A. Exhibition.

1993.  Belgrade, SCG, Gallery “Andricev Venac”, oils on canvases, watercolours.




Notable Group Exhibitions:


2017. Touring Exhibition,  Voda u knjigama umetnika pergament koncertina, Srbija

2015. Towy Auction , London .UK

2015.  Brighton Art Fair, sa Pallant House Gallery, UK

2014.  ‘Srpski umetnik-Evropski umetnik’, Paviljon Cvijete Zuzoric, Beograd, Srbija

2013.  Belgrade, Pavilion ‘Cvijeta Zuzoric’,’Festival Procvetaj’

2012.  Chichester, ‘Outside In ‘, National

2012.  London, Vibe Gallery,”Desperate Artwifes”..

2012   London, Islington Art Factory , Summer Show

2011.  Brighton, GB, ‘Pop-Up’, No 1

2011.  UK, England, St. Wilfred Hospice Open Art Exhibition in association with Pallant House Gallery

2011.  Serbia, Novi Sad, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, ‘Iwano Project’

2010   UK, .London, Tate Modern, ‘No Sole for Sale’ festival , with ‘Museum of Everything 2010.UK, England, St. Wilfrid Hospice Open Art Exhibitition in assosiation with Pallant House Gallery

2010.  Paris, France, Serbian Cultural Centre, ’Night of Museum’ festival, ‘Parchments of Serbia’

2009/10. UK,Outside inat Chichester MuseumPallant House Gallery, Salisbury Art Centre and Hastings Museum.

2009.  Mexico, Mexico City Museum of WatercoloursAlfredo Zalse,

2009.  Nis, Serbia, Gallery of Contemporary Visual Art’, Exhibition ‘Parchment’.

2009.  Zrenjanin, Srbia, 8th biennial of Watercolour.

2009.  Italia, ‘Spazio Utopia’, mail art

2009.  Pancevo, Serbia, Gallery of City Archive, biennale of Drawings.

2008.  London Zoo Garden, Regents Park, Sculpture Show Love London, Love the Planet, ‘Red Pandas’, assemblage

2008.  London, V&A Museum
‘Inspired by…’

2008.  London, Zelli Gallery , porcelain sculpture Award expo.

2007.  Kovin, Serbia, ‘October Art Salon ‘
2006.  London, UK, at “It’s My Space”, Arts & Crafts exhibition.
2004.  Maribor, Slovenia, Gallery “DLUM”, Connections ’04.
2004.  Budapest, Hungary,”Small Graphic Forms”.
2003.  London, UK,”salon des arts”, Summer Exhibition.
2002.  Thessalonica, Greece, “First Interbalcan Forum of Contemporary Art”.
2001.  Samothrace, Greece, “Third Interbalcan Symposium of Fine Arts”.
1999.  Brussels, Belgium, ”Gallerie Claude Andre”, “Bestiaries, my family friends”.
1999.  Belgrade, SCG, Gallery “Haos “, “The new age voices…”
1977.  Brussels, Belgium,”Gallerie Claude Andre”, “Exposition Bestiare”.
1996.  Paris, France,”Mediart” Gallery,”Jeux et Jouets d’Artistes”.

1996.  London, GB, Gallery “Differentiate”,”Summer Exhibition”. 1996. Paris, France, “Joel Garcia Galerie”, ”Vingt Regards”.

1996.  Amsterdam, Holland,”Post Denmark’s Mail Exhibition”.





2010 .’The Hospital Club’ front cover of 23th magazine,London, UK

2008.  Ilustrations for the ‘La Journada’, Mexican Magazine, for 23rd March

2006.  Illustrations for book of poems ‘Srce’ by Sumski.

2004.  Illustrations for book of poems ‘Blondogenet’ by Dejan Nikolic.

1999.  Illustrations for ‘Krmaca’,Serbian Magazine.

1998.  Illustrations for book of poems ‘Arhajski Dendi’by Dejan Nikolic.

1997.  ‘Focus’, British Art magazine, front page.

1994.  Illustrations for book of poems ‘Uputstva za vaspitanje mladih princeva’ by Dejan Nikolic.

1993.  Illustrations for ‘Knjizevne Novine’, Serbian Magazine.

1991.  Illustrations for ‘Knjizevna Rec’, Serbian Magazine.